Meet Our Growers

Gary Wells

The success of our jams and fruit butters is directly tied to the quality of fruit we use. Oregon Growers works extensively to identify growers who not only produce the best tasting fruit, but also use sustainable growing practices.

We also believe that the vitality of family farms and local agriculture is important to the quality of life we enjoy here in the Hood River Valley.

Some of the farmers who we credit with making Oregon Growers products special:

  1. Gary Wells, Wells & Sons Farms, Hood River, Oregon:  Apples & Pears
  2. Fruithill Inc., Yamhill, Oregon:  Cherries
  3. Hazelnut Growers of Oregon, Cornelius, Oregon:  Hazelnuts
  4. Willamette Valley Fruit Company, Willamette Valley, Oregon:  Marionberries & Strawberries
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